Mobility at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market circa 1900 ( courtesy Pike Place Market org)

Pike Place gets its name because it sits at the end of the Pike street. ( read our blog “Pike Place or Pike’s Place”). My favorite entrance to the market is at the end of Pike Street. The entrance leads you right into the heart of the market.

There you are greeted by the famous Rachel the Piggy Bank, which is the mascot of Pike Place Market. At the end of Pike street is a red brick paved road that leads into the market. The paved road turns right and then along the length of the market. The brick-paved road is easy to navigate in a wheelchair, scooter and walker.

Once you come into the Pike Place Market it is very accessible by mobility equipment. The main market which runs inside along the pike place street is fully tiled and makes for easy navigation. The picture below was taken early morning before the market opened, typically you would see it hustling and bustling with people.

Right next to market entrance, on the left side of Pike street entrance is a steep cobbled street that leads down to the gum wall. You should Not use this cobbled road. Its not fun, I have tried 🙂

If you must see the gum wall, one of the quirkiest attraction of Seattle, you can use the elevators inside the market to get down to the gum wall

Gum wall ( courtesy Quirky Travel Guy)

As you move down Pike Place Street, the next street over from Pike street is Pine Street. The street is sloped and perhaps can be somewhat of a challenge when it is wet. On a nice dry day, it has not been difficult to get up the street for both our customers and our crew. Of course, the decision is ultimately yours whether you want to venture up and down this street.

The next two streets, Stewart and Virginia Streets our steep. Based on the feedback from customers, and having tried it myself personally, it is NOT a street you should take to get to the market.

As you wander on down, on the other end of the market, where Pike Place Street meets Western Avenue. It is nice and level, and also a great way to get to the market. At the crossing, is the Victor Steinbruek park that has houses one of the most prominent totem poles in Seattle. It was carved by James Bender.

To sum it up, Pike Place is a lot of fun and we definitely recommend visiting it.

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