Seattle Accessibility Map

The city of Seattle does a great job at providing resources for people with disabilities. I will talk about some of the resources in the coming weeks, today lets begin with something that is not much discussed or shared much. It is the accessibility interactive map that helps you plan your trip in Seattle. The map allows you to view slope, gradation and condition of the roads and the sidewalks. The map is intimidating at first, but it in reality is pretty easy. When get to the map, the first thing you notice is that all the streets and roads are colored.  There is a legend on the left that explains the colors. The colors clearly indicate the condition of the ramp and the sidewalks. Pretty cool.

Obviously the map does not know where you are headed. Its just shows an area in downtown Seattle. To view the condition at the location you are visiting, simply type the address in the “search for your address” box, and it redraws the map of the area. begin you can type the address of the location you are visiting. For instance, lets type in Space needle.


There you see the streets around space needle.

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